Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meeting Meg Medina

Sure, I completely forgot to write a post for today. But the neat thing about that is that I managed to go and do something related to this blog today!

I'm out of town for a library conference, and it just so happens that Virginian author Meg Medina (you may remember us reading Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass about a month ago) was here! I went to her panel: her, Kat Spears who wrote Sway, and Kristen Paige Medonia who wrote Fingerprints of You, talking about "reluctant readers" and how to use their novels to help those readers. Afterward, they were signing their books. So obviously I got a copy of Yaqui signed!

Meg Medina is awesome. The first panel I went to was presented by representatives of the Richmond Public Library, and they were talking about holding author events. They talked about Meg Medina helping them with a couple of their events and how great she was... they weren't kidding. She's funny, she loves libraries, she loves young people, she loves readers, and she's super nice. I hope to convince her to make the trip down to Virginia Beach to visit my library at some point, because I think she does good things for all age groups, even though she writes for young adults.

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