Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's a bit Scary

We love Halloween... and costumes.. and really everything that allows us to dress up and be ridiculous around here.

One of the awesome parts of working at my job is that I get to do things like dress up and be fun and silly.  We do special story times for kids (plus story time every Wednesday at 11:00 am in the kids department.  Stop in and come see us!)  This past Saturday, I dressed up and got to read the book for story time!

That is me, in my costume, at my job!  
In case you ever wondered what the second floor of my Barnes & Noble looked like.

We had a pretty good turn out of kids (ten or so, which is about nine or so more than we usually get for story time.)  They color pictures and all that jazz and, if nothing else, seemed to enjoy my costume.  Not to mention I got to baffle them a little when I told them that I was dressing up as Lucille Ball (and got a chuckle from the parents when I said that none of them would know who she was.)  Here are some more pictures of me reading to kids!

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