Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Neal Shusterman Signing

Today, Neal Shusterman came to Barnes & Noble (yes, the one where I work) to sign books!  He also read from his new book, Undivided, the fourth, and final book, in the Unwind Dystology.  He was such a great sport about the whole things.  He signed books, took pictures, and stayed for like, two hours, talking to all the fans (and a certain blogger who might have been fangirling out.)

That would be Shusterman, reading from his new book, 
in the bookstore that I work at.

Of course, we reviewed his book way back in January of 2013 (that's almost two years ago for those of you keeping track), but it's popped up many a time since then because we loved it so much, most noteably later on that year when we told you about our favorite books of the year.

And, because it was a book signing, I OF COURSE got one signed for you bloggers.  We're not giving it away just yet, but keep and eye out, because we're definitely going to be giving away a signed copy of Unwind.

My Selfie with Shusterman.

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