Monday, October 20, 2014

Author Bio - Jennifer Armentrout

So there were a few surprises this week when I was looking up stuff about our author, Jennifer Armentrout.  One, she has actually signed on with a number of publishers and still actually self-publishes, despite being a well known author.  Her best known book is probably the one were reading this week, which is the Lux series, the first one being Obsidian.

The other surprising thing is that she lives in Martinsburg, WV, which is really close to me.  I used to go see movies there because they had the better movie theatre.  I just always think it's interesting when authors are so close to home.

She started writing short stories during algebra class while in school, which she says is the reason she is so bad at math.  She is married, and enjoys reading and bad zombie movies.  She has a website, which you can visit here and seems to be kept well up to date, including the fact that the Lux series is being turned into a movie.

She, of course, also has a Twitter and Facebook that you can check out.

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