Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review Me Twice - Carsick by John Waters

So because I am generally out of touch with everything, I had to rad John Waters' bio on the back flap of the book to figure out who he actually was.  But once I did, I recognized him, and I recognized his picture, so I guess at the end of the day, it wasn't THAT embarrassing that I didn't know him by name.

The book isn't entirely non-fiction.  He writes two novellas first, if the trip went as perfectly as it could possibly go and if it went as absolutely horribly as is could possibly go.  I really like that he gives us these two extremes first.  And, honestly, there are grains of truth in both of these novellas.  When you finally get to the actual trip and what actually happened, you see hints of the reality in his novellas, which was kind of cool.

And his writing about his actual trip was neat.  He met some intensely interesting people, who led interesting lives, and really, considering what COULD have happened to him hitchhiking across america, he actually had a lot of good luck in terms of the people that picked him up.

Honestly, as a normal person, I wouldn't try this.  I think a lot of his luck came from the fact that he was John Waters and people knew who he was.  I think that, as a normal person, you may not have that kind of luck.  But it was still an interesting read and, if you're looking to pick up a book about travel writing, this is certainly a good one.

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