Saturday, April 27, 2013

By Its Cover: Burned by Ellen Hopkins

I like this cover because it's really the ultimate deception.  If I were to just take this cover, and not read the description at all, I would think it's about either a pyromaniac or some other form of things burning.  Because that's exactly what it's looks like: the letters are burned into the cover (which, by the way, I think looks AWESOME.)

However, if we read the book, we learn that it's completely a metaphorical "burn" that our main character (and many others) get.  So, I like it.  It's simple, but I think effective (and kind of falls in line with her other books.)

I love the cover of every single one of Hopkins' books that I've seen so far.

Just a few more examples there. All of her books have one-word names and this same neat aesthetic. They always fit the story well... except, in my opinion, with Burned.

When Cassy chose Burned as the Hopkins book we would review, I couldn't remember which one it was. I looked at the cover image in hopes of remembering, and it didn't help. I was thinking it was probably one of the drug ones, like Crank and Glass, because it was reminiscent of cigarettes, joints, crackpipes, etc. I was, of course, wrong. That could be all on me, though; it does still fit the story, just not in the way I was thinking.

(Edit to add, upon reading Cassy's thoughts: Exactly! What she said.)

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