Saturday, April 13, 2013

By Its Cover: The Casual Vacancy

This cover is easily recognizable. One of our friends (who happens to read this blog all the time, hi Anna!) got this as a gift at a party this past winter. I was across the room and couldn't make out the words on the cover, but I immediately knew what it was because of the colors and the giant black X.

I've been telling people all week that we're reviewing this book, and if I just saying, "I'm reading The Casual Vacancy" most of them give me a blank stare, like "Am I supposed to know what that is?" But if I have the book in hand and hold it up to show them what I'm reading, they say something like, "Oh, the book she wrote after Harry Potter."

So it's immediately familiar, partially because of its simplicity, partially because of its boldness and brightness, and partially because of the enormous amount of publicity it got for being Rowling's first adult, non-HP book.

I already knew, before reading the book, that there was an election involved somehow, so the cover made perfect sense. So my opinion of it didn't really change; there's still an election involved, so it still makes sense.

I agree with Alex about how recognizable the cover is.  It's bold and in your fact and, even if it wasn't highly publicized because it's by Rowling, you'd notice this book sitting on the shelf (primary colors FTW, people.)

I did not know before I picked the book up that it was about an election, but once you read the inside flap you know.  However, the cover reads VERY 1920s speak-easy to me, which, I think is very appropriate.  The 20s were a time when everyone was experimenting, everything was shady and dangerous and scandalous.  And the point of this book is that it's about everyone's scandals.  So I think the cover is very fitting.

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