Monday, April 29, 2013

Ian Fleming Bio

Fleming.  Ian Fleming.  Secret Agent Writer.  Ok, so Fleming's life probably wasn't as exciting as his character's, James Bond, but that doesn't mean it was a complete write-off.

Fleming came from a very well off family and was educated at the best universities, as so many of the rich are.  But Fleming put his talents to good use, writing the Bond series through the 1950s and 60s.  So where did he get his ideas for this sensational secret agent?

Well, the army, for one.  Fleming worked intelligence during the second world war for Britain (he was part of the planning process for Operation Mincemeat (a British disinformation plan in WWII) and Operation Golden Eye (an Allied plan to monitor Spain in case they were overtaken by Germany) plus the operation of two intelligence units) and much of the knowledge and experience that he gained there was translated into his Bond novels. Those novels were a HUGE success when the first one, Casino Royal, came out in 1952.

There were many people who advised Fleming not to come out with the work.  His then girlfriend told him that if he did decide to publish, he should do it under a pseudonym.  Fleming also sent a copy to William Plomer, a fellow author, who though the novel lacked suspense.  However, he sent a copy to the publishing house anyway and the rest is history.

This is how Fleming envisioned his Bond

Bond has especially taken root in modern culture.  The first Bond movie was in 1962, Dr. No, and starred Sean Connery (as did the subsequent four Bond movies.)  Connery is probably the most well-known Bond and the Bond movies made his career.  Since Connery, there have been five more Bonds, the most recent being Daniel Craig.

Connery as James Bond

Overall, the Bond novels completely have taken over spy culture.  Fleming created a highly recognizable name and a character that has last through the years.

Fun fact: He is also the man behind Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

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