Monday, June 17, 2013

Author Bio: Max Brooks

In honor of World War Z coming out, we're reviewing the book this week.  So, naturally, we're talking all about it's author today, Maximillian Michael Brooks (what a GREAT name.)

Max Brooks, for short.

Brooks is actually more diverse than we usually see in an author.  Of course, he's written World War Z (which is coming out June 21st.  I question the casting of Brad Pitt though.)  Not only did he write the book, he helped write the screenplay.  He has also been writing episodes of Saturday Night Live since about 1992 (oh, and he won an Emmy for that.  Really, how many authors can you say win an Emmy?)

Ever watch Batman Beyond as a kid?  Brooks did the voice of Howard Groote.

Remember this guy?

Brooks has really taken to the whole zombie phenomenon.  Zombie Survival Guide was his first book (which, I have at home, I just haven't read it yet).  He followed that up with a graphic novel called Zombie Survival Guide: Record Attacks.  Basically, it depicted all the coolest attacks in Zombie Survival Guide, so we get a nice, illustrated picture of all the gore.

He's basically a zombie fanatic, even forming the Zombie Research Society.  If you want to know more about Brooks, you can go to his website.

He's an incredibly diverse author and, let's face it, kind of awesome.But I guess that's to be expected when your dad is Mel Brooks.


  1. Mind = Blown. I adore Mel Brooks, but I had no idea his son was a sort of famous author!

    1. Right? I had no idea they were related until I made up this post. If you look at their faces, though, they look a lot alike.