Saturday, June 15, 2013

By Its Cover - The Queen's Fool

Of all of Gregory's covers, I think that this is the most eye catching.  It's colorful, and glitters with gold and I think is perfect for the book.  Tudor England was all about extravagance and this portrays that. (All the gold color on that dress is actually gold foil on the book.)

We assume that the girl on the cover is Hannah the Fool (or maybe Elizabeth.  The girl is wearing Tudor green), but really, there's no way to know.  I think it's just supposed to be a generic girl to show off the gowns and gold of the time.  I think it's a pretty cover on top of everything else.

Basically, I think that it fits the book well and it's eye catching.

I didn't pay much attention to the cover before I started reading, because I had to get the large print version from my library (the other was in high demand) and that has a small version of the above art on a mostly white cover.

I do think it's quite pretty, and if I were looking for a book about Tudor England, I would probably be drawn to it.

There isn't much going on, overtly, in the picture, but that would be the case with most scenes in the book, too, as with things that happened at court. Everything is covert and subtle and perfectly bland to the untrained eye. Look at the woman's posture... she could be concerned for her safety, anticipating the arrival of someone she either does or does not want to see, waiting for someone to catch up to her... the possibilities are endless. This is a Mona Lisa situation... is she smiling or isn't she? It's up to you, the audience.

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