Sunday, June 16, 2013

Secret Contest Winner: 200th Comment!

You guys didn't know it, but we were running a secret contest to see who would post our 200th comment! (Bet you wish you had commented now, huh?  Maybe you should comment more, just incase we decide to do another SECRET CONTEST). Our winner was annapeg88 with this comment on our June 12 post about our favorite historical fiction:

Was The Kitchen Boy the inspiration for the Dreamworks movie "Anastasia?" Just wondering.

I also love historical fiction, so its hard to pick just one. Gregory's books are probably my favorites. Now, the question is, do you define historical fiction as fiction about a real life family/event, or fiction about a time period where the story is totally made up but details about the time period (such as clothing, language, character values etc) are based one truth? If the latter is correct then I must include Atonement and The Girl With the Pearl Earing as my other favorite books.

The prize for this contest is that annapeg88 gets to choose a book for us to review! We'll be reviewing her book of choice on August 2.

Congratulations, annapeg88!


  1. Thank you. I am so excited about this. I think I already have a book in mind. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in your archives. Are there any parameters to what the book should be about or how long it is?

    1. We only request nothing we've done and no Twilight, HP or Hunger Games (only because we can't really shed any new light on those book.)

  2. Nope! Since we have all of July planned in advance (and none of it is too... challenging, shall we say?) you can pick something longer if you want (or short, or average, or whatever). And we like diversity in topics so anything is fair game!