Saturday, June 22, 2013

By Its Cover: World War Z

The book cover (on the left) does its job beautifully. It tells you the title (and subtitle) clearly, and gives you a feel for the tone of the story (a little scary, a little suspenseful, and full to the brim with zombies, as evidenced by the splatter, obviously).

The movie poster (right) focuses on the typical "one man against the world" feel you usually get with zombie movies, which is the exact opposite of what World War Z is. The book is a conglomeration of stories from very different people from around the world. It is not the harrowing tale of one American man kicking undead ass (note the gun strapped to him and his super serious expression, like he's thinking "I must save literally everyone").

I'm with Alex on the book/movie analysis.  There's a reason that no single person is featured on the cover: it wasn't about one person.  It was a book about how people came together, how they beat the seemingly impossible odds.

The movie is about Brad Pitt being pretty, let's not lie to ourselves.  And it's very obvious that this movie is going to be all about him.  Once again it proves the point that the book is always better.

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