Saturday, June 1, 2013

By Its Cover: Inside Out

I understand how this cover fits the story, but it's not the imagery I would have chosen.

There is a brief reference to Zach's mind as being inside-out and all mixed up because of his schizophrenia, but it isn't a very evocative image. I'm not sure what I would use, but this just doesn't fit quite right.

What I do like, very much, is the faint text across the whole cover. It consists of the nonsense phrases and syllables that the voices in Zach's head repeat to him when he gets close to needing his medication. It shows very clearly that this sort of thing is just an overlay, sitting on top of everything else Zach sees. It's background noise that doesn't go away. That part is just perfect.

I'm with Alex that the picture part of the cover, doesn't necessarily fit the book.  I mean, I understand the "inside out" thing, but I'm not really sure using a t-shirt to portray that was the way to go.

But I also love the words over the picture thing (and, in fact, they're interspersed within the book too), because that's pretty much how his life is all the time.

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