Saturday, September 28, 2013

By Its Cover: And Tango Makes Three

Do I even have to tell you how cute this cover is? Penguins in love, with the happiest little fluffy baby penguin in front of them. If that isn't the perfect picture of a family, I don't know what is.

Picture book covers have the benefit of making it really obvious what's inside the book, because they're illustrated by the illustrator of the rest of the book, and they often are a copy of a page within the book. This image was well selected, well drawn by Henry Cole, and is as inoffensive as a "controversial" book can be. (And yet, it has been on the top ten most challenged books list 6 of the 7 years since it was published. Who wouldn't want fuzzy little Tango on their bookshelf?)

Everything about this cover screams cute.  Hugging penguins, a cute, little, fluffy, happy penguin.  I also really like Cole's style.  There's just something about the way he uses colored pencil that makes me feel warm fuzzies inside.  Maybe it's the topic.  Maybe it's because you just can't help but look at penguins and go, "awwwwww".

Really, there is nothing controversial in this book.  Yeah, ok, they're homosexual penguins.  But they're so cute!  This book is definitely going to populate my future child's bookshelves.

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