Saturday, September 21, 2013

By It's Cover - I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today by Dr. Seuss

Like Alex, I thought that "Lick" meant that he was physically going to lick the tigers with his tongue.  I was kind of disappointed when he didn't, and the cover doesn't really reflect what he's planning to d.  I mean, ok, he's holding his fist up, but I only realize that NOW that I know what he was talking about in terms of the word "lick."

It does have tigers though, and they're looking pretty mean.  However, none of the other stories are reflected in the cover (in fact, you can barely see the "and other stories" on the cover of the book."

The Cat in the Hat also looks oddly excited to go beat up 30 tigers.  

The cover doesn't even do anything to grab my attention.  I mean, if I were to be looking through a stack on Dr. Seuss book, this wouldn't necessarily catch my attention because it just seems a weird replica of all his other book.  The whole cover is just kind of a disappointment.

This is typical Seuss... the drawing style, the image taken directly from a page of the book to use as the cover, the font. If you were browsing the shelves looking for Seuss, this makes it easy to find, but if you were looking for something unique, you'd probably skip right past it.

I do find it interesting that, although his books are decades old, publishers never - to my knowledge - revamped them with new covers. I think it's because they're playing the "classic" angle, and also because it's a rare instance of an author doing his own illustrations. It's iconic, so they can't very well change it. But that doesn't make it any more interesting.

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