Saturday, September 7, 2013

By Its Cover: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Did you know there was a dragon in the background of this cover? I seriously didn't, despite having seen it dozens of times over several years, until I just copy/pasted it right here in this post. That book has been sitting next to my couch for over a month and I didn't realize that. So... it's not terribly effective, I guess.

It is, however, very recognizable, and I could point it out from across the room.

Design-wise, it's well done: bright cover catches the eye, simple text makes it easy to identify, and (incredibly) subtle cover art makes it unique without being overly busy. And it lent itself well to a series:

Each cover is clearly unique while simultaneously obviously part of the same group and equally recognizable.

Cassy, super late in the game today.  But now it's like a SURPRISE entry on your Saturday.

I, like Alex, didn't realize that there was a dragon in the background until she pointed it out RIGHT THEN.  I'm still not convinced that they're all like that.  I think it's a fluke.

However, it is a very recognizable cover and because of the nature of the color of its cover, easy to pick out on the shelf.  I mean, if I see a bright yellow spine on the shelf, I'm going to automatically assume that it's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and I would probably be right.)

I like that all the covers fit together too.  I think cover two and three fit more with the book titles (book two LOOKS fiery, and book three gives you a feeling of a hornets nest.)  Like Alex pointed out, the design on the cover of book one is just a little too subtle for my taste.


  1. Well, the first time you meet a girl with a tattoo (actually, the first time you meet anybody with a tattoo), it's probably not the first thing you notice about her, right? So maybe the cover works that way. Hornets and fire tend to be attention hogs.

  2. That's an excellent point... Although having the tattoo is her identifying characteristic in the title. It's not "The Girl Who Likes Apple Juice" or "The Girl Who Does a Great Imitation of Johnny Carson"... her tattoo is the only thing we know about her before we crack the book. But that's still a really good point about tattoos.

    1. I'm going to write a book now called, "The Girl Who Does a Great Imitation of Johnny Carson."