Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Literary Female Bad-Ass

The protagonist of this week's review book, Lisbeth Salander The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is a female bad-ass, so we're choosing our favorite female bad-asses from books!

Hermione Granger is just the coolest chick ever. She's unabashedly smart (although yes, the 12-year-old version of her is insufferable, but the 12-year-old version of most people is insufferable), she's pretty but doesn't really seem to care about it, she's fierce... she's AWESOME. It's like Ron drinks nothing but Felix Felicis because he is one lucky guy.

The movies just solidify her awesomeness, because you get to see the look on her face when she just throws out an angry curse in the Department of Mysteries or casually tosses a dangerous hex over her shoulder in the Battle of Hogwarts. It's the wizarding equivalent of walking away from an explosion without looking at it.

I know I mentioned this series relatively recently but... well, when it comes to bad ass females, you just don't get more bad-ass than Anita Blake.

In Obsidian Butterfly, Edward (the cool one, not the sparkly one, but wouldn't THAT be an awesome cross over.  Anita Blake kills Edward Cullen with the helfpof Edward) has Anita tally up the amount of people/creatures that she's killed.  And it comes to this obscene number (seriously... it's like 50 something, I think.)  And then, instead of being all, "Yeah, I killed fifty fucking people", she gets pissed at Edward (who, is really scary and could snap her in two if they weren't friends) for making her basically have a pissing contest with the guy at the front door.

She is almost always in a bad situation, and she always uses her wits (and often her gun) to get out of it.  She is a shoot first, raise you from the dead to ask you questions later kind of girl.

And the best part?  She's super bad-ass without being UBER manly.  She still has some ridiculously girly qualities.  And I like that.

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  1. You guys have to watch this video series if you haven't already. It's awesome. Everything about this post is represented in a comedic way.

    Start with Episode 1 though.