Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Favorite Bad Book

This week, our favorite has absolutely nothing to do with the book we're reviewing this week.   We're just doing it because we think it's fun. :)

Modelland is the best worst book I have ever read in my life.  The plot line is terrible (about girls striving to be super models in a super special city in the clouds where they get super powers.)  The names are ridiculous.  Tookie, Myrrcle, Exodus, Katoocha, and Sinndeesi are just a few of the names in this book.  

Tyra also beats you over the head with her messages.  Don't share your makeup, love your mother no matter what, plain can be beautiful.  I mean, it's insane.

But you know what?  Yes, it's a horrible book.  I mean, it's awful and probably one of the worst books tht I've ever read.  But it's one of those books that SO BAD, it comes back around to being good again.  It's good because it's SO HILARIOUSLY BAD.  And how could it not be, with lines like, "You begin your mornings staring at the fog, longing for the fateful evening when it will turn a golden yellow and then, finally, like a push-up brassiere, lift."

And book trailers like this:

Is it fair for me to choose a book I haven't read in its entirety? No, probably not. But I'm going to do it anyway.

I know; I'm a hypocrite. I tell people to read the popular crap before they diss it, but this one is a fair exception. The protagonist talks to herself... like, a lot. There are so many lines dripping with cheese, I'm surprised each copy isn't shrink-wrapped to protect the other books unfortunate enough to be shelved near it.

I want to be entirely clear... I have no problems whatsoever with the story. Okay, from what I understand, Ana is an idiot. But other than that, it's basically nothing but BDSM scenes, right? And that's fine. I just wish they were well-written BDSM scenes. Or well-written scenes of any kind. These books have actually done some damage to the BDSM community, and for that reason alone, I dislike them. (Don't you think they have enough problems with society at large being judgy?)

I've read enough pages of this book to know that I will never pick it up and read through it, and it certainly belongs on my list of "books to recommend to people you hate."

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