Friday, May 16, 2014

Review Me Twice - Timeline by Michael Crichton

I read this week's book a LONG time ago.  We're talking 10 or more years.  But, since that first reading, I've probably read this book three or four times now.  Crichton has written a litany of books, but I think that this one ranks as my favorite by him.

As is per usual with Crichton, the books does have some technical jargon and a lot of science backing it up.  But, as a reader, I don't feel lost or confused by it.  He's really good at explaining the science without making me feel like an idiot.

I also LOVE the characters going back.  The action story he created was just fantastic, because it's exciting in the past and in the present.  There are things going on in both that make you just sit on the edge of your seat.  Seeing the effects that the past has on the present and vice versa, is just so well done in this story and something that I can buy.  Is time travel real?  No, but Crichton presents it in such a way that I feel like it could be.  I don't feel like this is so far out of reality, or even the realm of possibility.  This COULD happen.  This COULD be, and very likely WILL be, something that we figure out how to do.

While I will recommend pretty much anything written by Crichton, I think that Timeline is the best, the one that will appeal to the most readers, and certainly the one that I've always loved the most.

Honesty time: I didn't finish this book. It just wasn't the right week for me to read it. But it's not bad.

I agree with Cassy on the plausibility front... I definitely feel like Crichton made it seem like time travel is a totally real thing that I've just never run across in my life.

It's fairly driving... I do want to eventually go back and read it, but I don't feel compelled to do so as quickly as possible. I think I can pick it up again a long while from now and figure out where I left off without starting over (which says something about how well the writing sticks with me, I think).

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