Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Favorite Blog

Since one important character in this week's review book is a blogger (and we are bloggers), we thought we might talk about some of our favorite bloggers! (Other than ourselves... we aren't that self-centered.)

Already Pretty outfit featuring blue cardigan, Marimekko dress, Corso Como Del, Rhodesian of Edinburgh satchel
Blatantly stolen from

My favorite blogger is Sally McGraw, who runs the show at Already Pretty. It's a fashion blog that is really big on body positive discussion, making clothes fit the body (not the other way around), and fun trends in clothing and accessories. This is the woman who taught me to love skirts. (I mean, look at her in that one... so cute.) But on top of all that positive energy and pretty clothing, I also like the way she writes. She writes the way she probably talks, and it's all very natural and dialogue-y but also well organized and has a point.

I love PostSecret.  I've always loved PostSecret.  I love that Frank Warren went from this little tiny art project that started with 250 post cards to an explosion that is his blog and all the secrets that people tell him.

I think he also does great things with his fame.  He raises a lot of money for suicide hotlines, to help people who really need it.  And I've met him!  He's a really nice guy, really down to earth, and... really tall.

For the record, I'm 5'11"

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