Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Favorite Sci-Fi Book

Since we're reading a sci-fi book this week, Timeline by Crichton, we're telling you our favorite sci-fi book.

Mine is really a sci-fi series that I like, but with sci-fi, that's not uncommon.  The very first book in the series is called Stardoc.  Cherijo is a doctor, who, throughout the series spends time traveling the galaxy, healing people.  She also happens to be a clone with a super immune system and is running from her father/creator.

There's a lot of adventures and twists and turns and secrets revealed, and while each book COULD be read alone (I started on book three inadvertently and got through it without much problem), they really should be read in the series that they are.

That's a photo from my wedding, y'all. I think that demonstrates that yes, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy qualifies as my favorite sci-fi book. (This particular copy was mutilated in the name of holding our rings... totally worth the sacrifice.)

Beyond the usability as a prop in my nuptials, it's a great series. If you like British humour and non sequiturs and weird little side plots and you have an open mind about the state of things in the universe, it's perfect for you.

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