Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Favorite Book of Poetry

Ellen Hopkins... well, anything is usually my favorite when it comes to poetry.  Mostly because she's the only poetry that I can stand.  But, in the spirit of being a little different, I'm going to choose David Levithan's book, Realm of Possibility.

The book revolves around a few teens and their lives.  But it's moving and poignant in a way only Levithan can be.  Really, what got me the most about this book was his words.  I mean, his writing is spectacular, it's always spectacular, and this book isn't any different.

One of my favorite lines is,"Once time is lit it will burn, whether or not you're breathing it in. Even after smoke becomes air, there is the memory of smoke." And it's a whole book of lines like that, with just incredibly imagery and poetry.

If you're not really into poetry, but you want a poetry book, this is a good one.


Identical. I agree with Cassy that pretty much any Hopkins book is pretty great, but this one really stuck with me. I can't tell you why, because Huge Spoiler, but it's amazing.

Plus it has a shiny silver cover. Which is pretty neat.

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