Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Wedding, Another Giveaway!

Yes, friends and readers: It's time to give away a box of my books for Cassy's wedding, just like how Cassy gave away a box of her books for my wedding! (Remember?)

Just like with Cassy' big box o' books, I've pulled a little over a dozen books off my shelf. Some of them have been on this blog, some have not. (And to be entirely honest, a couple of them actually belonged to my husband. But hey... diversity in reading materials.)

Rules time:

- You can enter once per method per day. The methods are: follow @ReviewMeTwice, like us on Facebook, or comment on this post!

- You have to live in the contiguous United States. No offense to non-contiguous-US residents, but shipping a box full of books is already kind of expensive.

- The winner will be announced Monday, June 10 (I wanted to say it'll be on Sunday, June 9, but I have a wedding to be at that day...)

- The winner must provide us with a valid mailing address (again: within the contiguous United States) by emailing it to within one week of being announced. If they don't, I'll get the next winner. If that winner doesn't provide an address within a week of that announcement, I'll donate the books to the library (which is super easy, since I work there).

- You aren't choosing books here; I have a box with books in it already, and you get them all. If you don't like them, you can do whatever you want with them: craft with them, prop up furniture with them, sell them, donate them, read them anyway, whatever.

- I'll be shipping them via USPS, with no signature required. The winner will get a delivery confirmation number sent to the same email address used to send us the mailing address.

The giveaway is already open, and closes at 11:59pm next Sunday, June 9. So start entering!!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hey Sam, if either of us wins we should share. :)

  2. I am entering, even though I won the last one because when it comes to books I am greedy! Muahhhaaaa!