Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reading to Kids

Here at Review Me Twice, we are obviously all about the reading.  The more the better.  However, today I'm going to focus specifically on kids and why it's so important to read to them.

Kids aren't born with an intuitive knowledge of language

Kids don't know how to talk when they're born.  They learn from observing everyone around them.  Likewise, they don't know how to read either.  By reading with your kids every night, from the time they're born, teaches them things like how to read from left to right and top to bottom.  It teaches them the differences between pictures and words.  Eventually, it teaches them how to read and recognize the words.

It makes kids smarter.

If you read books with your kid, it's only natural that they're going to learn things sooner and faster than normal.  They'll learn to do things like read, to recognize objects, speech patters, colors, shapes and, really, whatever else you read to them about.

Improves their concentration.

Kids fidget.  They like to move and run and be active, which is great, and they should be, but sometimes, they need to be still.  Story time teaches them to concentrate on what's in front of them.  They learn to be still and quiet and pay attention when it's important.  It also helps them recognize when it's ok to be fun and fidgety and when you need to be quiet and pay attention.

Creates a stronger bond between you and your kids.

Having a time every day designated to read to your kids improves your relationship with them.  It gives them a time that just parent/child, without distractions or interruptions.  It allows them to talk to you, for you to listen, and for you to develop a bond with them that will help when they're 13 and want nothing to do with you.

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