Friday, June 6, 2014

Review Me Twice - The Dark by Lemony Snicket

This book was absolutely adorable.  I love that the Dark had a persona.  I love that Laszlo is afraid of the dark, but not so much that he's not willing to have it out with the dark.

By making the Dark a character, Snicket shows kids that there's nothing to be afraid of.  The Dark isn't scary or mean and there's nothing to be afraid of.  He just wants to help you out.  Snicket approaches the book in such a way that it helps kids stop being afraid of the dark, but not by shaming them.  He's telling them that being afraid is fine, normal, but showing them that maybe they don't have to be if they don't want to.

It's also beautifully illustrated.  Klassen does wonderful work on this book, like he does with all of his books.

I love Lemony Snicket. I love clever picture books. I love children's horror. I love the illustration style Jon Klassen brings to the table here. And I love the main character of this book, Laszlo, because he's a brave little boy who is going to do what he has to do whether he likes it or not. This is one of those picture books you should read to your kids because you'll enjoy it as much as they do (and it's one that I didn't feel weird about checking out of the library despite everyone knowing I don't have kids to read it to).

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