Monday, February 9, 2015

Author Bio - Leslie North

You may be asking what this odd author photo is.  Well, our author this week, Leslie North, is actually a pseudonym.  North doesn't use her real name, or even give it out.  She doesn't appear for things or give out personal information or come out from behind the facade of the name she's created for her novels.

She gives a brief description of her life on her webpage, saying she lives with dogs in Britain, but that contradicts where her Goodreads account says she hails from, so who really knows?

But, like any good author, she does have a Twitter and a Facebook that you can follow.

For our month of Romance novels, we're going to be picking up her book, The Sheikh's Accidental Pregnancy, so stop by on Friday to see what we thought of it.  And check in this week so see some fun topics!

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