Friday, February 13, 2015

Review Me Twice: The Sheik's Accidental Pregnancy by Leslie North

I might start making my reviews just the first sentence I said out loud after I finished reading the book. This week, for instance, that would be: "Well, at least it was short."

Another sentence I said aloud while reading that serves as a pretty good review: "Ohhh, it's a Middle-East-set Fifty Shades." I mean this in the sense that a shy, awkward girl works in an inferior position to a powerful, angry guy who's very particular about how he wants others to behave, and they fall into an unhealthy, intensely love-hate relationship. No S&M, and this time there's a baby involved.

I have to admit that sex scenes are very hard to write. The ones in this book aren't bad. Although I can't let this one detail go. There are a few typos in the book, but this error I can't let slide. "He impaled himself upon her." That is... not correct. Not at all. That's the opposite of what should have been said. Sorry... it was just too funny to ignore.

All in all, I don't want to read the sequels, but I don't feel like I lost a small chunk of my life to this book. I feel like I spent half an evening reading something amusing.

When I picked out the book this week, I picked out it mostly because the title amused me, not because it was going to be a great literary masterpiece.  And, also, it was free on Amazon and fit into the "Romance Novel" theme of our month.

It was also a short novel, which was nice.  Took about an afternoon to read.  Was it a great book?  No, not particularly.  Was it the most terrible book I've ever read?  Surprisingly, no.  I mean, the characters were a little flat and the book was a really rushed.  It could do with a little more fleshing out.  And it was pretty predictable, but I think that just comes with the romance novel genre.

I'm with Alex on the "He impaled himself upon her" typo.  I did a little bit of a double take and made me really raise an eyebrow, not to mention, I couldn't really focus on the rest of the scene because I was so distracted by the fact that my main characters had just switched sexual organs.  Not the place that you want to be making typos (and I usually gloss over the typos when I'm reading, if I'm not in editing mode, so it must be REALLY bad for me to so actively catch it.)

Not the worst book this month, but we read Wuthering Heights, so I guess there was no way it could be. ;)

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