Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is it Fiction or Is It Romance?

This week, we're reading Dark Witch by Nora Roberts.  Roberts is notorious for being a romance writer, and that's where her books can be found.  But there are other authors, who you wouldn't expect, that are just housed in general fiction.

Danielle Steele is a prime example of that.  She's a notorious romance writer.  However, walk into any (corporate and probably independant, though I can't say for sure) bookstore, and you'll find her in the fiction section.

Mary Higgins Clark is another one that is not in a section you would anticipate.  She writes a lot of mystery, but she is kept in general fiction (I know because when I went looking for her, I started in mystery.)

So why are these authors not where we expect them to be?  Well, on big reason, which is more prevelant with Clark, is that her books aren't just mystery.  Oh, sure that's the bulk of the story, but Clark writes a lot of mystery/thrillers with maybe just the slightest hint of romance.  I imagine, Danelle Steele (though I can't say for sure since I've never actually read one of her books) is the same way.  Her books probably have so many different themes going on in them you can't classify them as just romance.

So if you're ever looking for a book and it's not in romance or mystery or sci-fi, try the general fiction section.  There's a good chance it's hanging out there.

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